I never rely on the British weather for work – I’ve been caught out too many times for thatI I normally find myself out and about shooting on location so have to bring the weather with me. I like to use CTO (warm light) gels to bring a touch of sunlight to an image by warming the colour temperature of my lights.

Today called for something a little different – snow, yes I said snow!! With a little research and some messy trial and error – shaving foam and bicarbonate of soda came to the rescue!

I shot this snowy scene outside my backdoor, setting up a warm snooted strobe with the CTO gel creating a warm directional glow to the oil lamp (not really an oil lamp but an LED Lamp from John Lewis) This meant some nifty photo-shopping of a flame in postproduction.

Setting the colour temperature to 3500K (mimicking a cold winters day) this made the warm gel really pop from the oil lamp.  It’s my techie way of saying the warm and cold lighting contrast each other in the frame!

I hope you enjoy the image and please comment in the links below.

Many thanks to http://ioshen.co.uk/ for the razor sharp professional chef knifes.


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