Another great reason to become a member of the Dorset Wildlife Trust – the amazing magazine!

I was lucky enough to join the group on Brownsea to experience for myself the outstanding work the trust do there and also to meet the team. The day was all about documenting the thoughts and plans of the trust and seeing President, Dr George McGavin doing what he does best!

This is just a snippet from the article – so please do support the trust and their work – and you too will receive the magazine with the full article within.

Discovering Brownsea with George McGavin
By Sally Welbourn

On a hot and sunny day in July, a small group of Dorset Wildlife Trust staff joined our President, Dr George McGavin, on the Brownsea Island nature reserve. Not only was this George’s first visit to the island, but it was an ideal time to reflect on how Dorset Wildlife Trust has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and to start discussing our recovery.

“The natural world is what stands between us and destruction. We need to preserve as much of it as we can.  People can see a nature reserve as a pretty place to visit, but it is so much more than that.  It’s where species exist, and we have seen a huge decline in insects over the last 100 years. Insects are the engines of ecology; they’re what makes habitats like Brownsea Island work. If we make habitats fit for insects, they’ll be fit for everything else.” George McGavin

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