Promotional images for Liberty Fields – Vodka.

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I’m working on some promotional images for Liberty Fields – Vodka.

I wanted to show you the setup – just for fun really.


2 strobes – 1 on the back wall to blow the white sheet to 100% Zero – the other hitting the ceiling (bouncing) soft/large light over the model to create a wide soft quality of light and lovely soft shadow detail.


Just thought I’d post this to keep the Blog followers in the loop to show what we do and how it works in progress.

2016-12-04_0001 2016-12-04_0002 2016-12-04_0003 2016-12-04_0004

I’m thinking the design for the posters / advertising materials could look a little like this?

A couple of logo overlay tints and a bit of copy should do it…. But I’ll need to run this by the design guys.


Photography by (C) 2016
Model – Jessica Megan
Apple – Porters Perfection from Liberty Fields

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I.O.Shen Knives – Circus photoshoot

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Working with I.O.Shen Knives on some publicity imagery I got to thinking… how professional chef knives get used and abused. Having shot many chefs at work I was struck by the showmanship knife skills and it didn’t take long before I started looking at knife throwing circus performers.

The concept was to keep things simple and stay with strong styling and set design. After building the target we set that in the studio and cut slits in the board to hold those razor sharp blades (safely)

I thought we’d shoot this image as two images – one with the target and knives and one with only the model to keep things safe! Due to the number of camera angles I wanted to shoot I didn’t want to be limited by a fixed position; so I chose to have the knives and model in the same space and the same time. This kept me on my toes and most of the video footage shot shows me asking Lauren not to move her arms around too much. I didn’t want to stop the shoot for a trip to A&E. 😉

To light this project – I started by looking at circus imagery and thought about how the lighting would appear in a circus tent.

The main aim was to get a top lit target, but with limited ceiling space I opted to bounce a small 18cm gridded reflector off the low ceiling. I used a Quadra battery pack and set the second lamp (a slightly lower powered unit) to bounce downwards off the floor and up into the set to balance the shadow details.

Sian was on hand to ensure hair and makeup was always at its best. Lauren took to the set after some time in makeup getting “clowned” and soon got into the role. Her acting skills made direction and interaction with the camera a joy. Shawn’s style of filming was to get in amongst the action with a handheld camera; this captured a gritty feel.

A little touch of post production keeping things raw and unpolished was in-keeping with the old circus stills that helped inspire the shoot.

Let us know what you think of the shoot, the behind the scenes video – share, comment. We’d love your feedback.

Here’s a quick doodle lighting diagram – enjoy.


Photography –
Hair and makeup –
Model – Lauren
Video production –
Music – infin8audio
Knives –

Product Photography by Richard Budd – I.O.Shen Knifes

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2016-10-13_0007 2016-10-13_0001 2016-10-13_0002 2016-10-13_0003 2016-10-13_0004 2016-10-13_0005 2016-10-13_0006

Photography (C) 2016

Dorset Wedding Photography – thanks to James and Hannah.

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Dorset Wedding Photography – thanks to James and Hannah.

Now taking wedding bookings for 2017.
Contact or call 07767 895205
Dorset Wedding Photography by

re-opening following refurbishment – The Poet Laureate

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Interior photography by @RichardBudd




more at

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Richard Budd

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Dorset Wedding Photographer – Richard Budd

Now taking bookings for 2017! OMG….




Please don’t mention Christmas. 😉

Dorset Wedding Photography info at

Drop us an email or call me on 07767 895205 to arrange an appointment.

My world….to produce a set of location portraits…

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I love meeting and photographing interesting people – these are 3 people I recently met. Nominees for an award ceremony.  I was asked to produce a set of location portraits of each person and this is the way it went…


One – joined the territorial army at 19 and is now 96 years old who was awarded the military cross.



The second – is a 90 year old Holocaust survivor, who teaches others about forgiveness.



The third – A father of three who had both legs amputated when he was a baby and now runs a football charity for kids.





The memories and talks I had with all 3 of these people – moved me in ways a cannot explain. Well done all of you and good luck with the ceremony…


I like to keep things simple

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I like to keep things simple – (not all the time as those who really know me already know)

With shooting I often get caught up with the GEAR hang-ups and forget the important part. Capturing emotion, feelings, energy and the REAL person often gets forgotten until towards the end of a shoot because too much time is spent setting up lights, hair and makeup and the faff stuff just gets in the way. By the time the shoot is upon us the sense of energy and connection is far from the front of the models mind or indeed mine.

Every now and again I love to setup an impromptu shoot, using one camera – one lens – no extras – no strobes – lights – props – gimmicks! Yes bare and raw! I setup a brief shoot with Emily and set to it.

The main thing I get from these types of location portrait sessions, similar to shooting street photography is re-learning how to talk to people, interact with people and get the best from people. No spending time looking at screens, ipads, iphones or the back of the camera, just 1-to-1 interaction. Don’t forget this is possible. I hope you like the results and have learned something from this as much as I did.

IMG_0190-2    IMG_0320

Special thanks to Model Emily.

#location #portraits #photography on the go

(C) 2016

How did I not know about this Dorset Gem!

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I seem to doing a lot of NOT-DRINKING at the moment. Working with Dorset food and drink clients – I sometimes wish I had a driver and was able to sample the delights of such delights that the Langham Wine Estate had on show! Wow, what a lovely surprise after taking an Instagram photograph of the road to Langham’s (grass in the middle of the road always means a fun start to my day in Dorset) I found what can only be called an oasis!

Dorset sparkling wine producer Langham Wine Estate welcomed guests this weekend as doors to the brand new tasting room were opened for the first time. Customers, local businesses and friends old and new enjoyed a guided tour of the vineyard and winery, a tasting of the full Langham range, and a sneak preview of the new space; an original barn tastefully restored into a rustic yet practical tasting room.

2016-07-21_0001 2016-07-21_0002 2016-07-21_0003 2016-07-21_0004 2016-07-21_0005 2016-07-21_0006 2016-07-21_0007 2016-07-21_0008 2016-07-21_0009

This is what they say…

Langham Wine Estate opens tasting room doors to Dorset and beyond Dorset sparkling wine producer Langham Wine Estate welcomed guests this weekend as doors to the brand new tasting room were opened for the first time.

Customers, local businesses and friends old and new enjoyed a guided tour of the vineyard and winery, a tasting of the full Langham range, and a sneak preview of the new space; an original barn tastefully restored into a rustic yet practical tasting room.

Natural light is let in through floor to ceiling glass doors at one end, whilst industrial style lamps light up the bar area, complementing the traditional, provincial ambience. The décor is stylish yet timeless, with natural wood adorning the front of the tall bar, and a cool, concrete floor.

The tasting room will be used to host tours, and provides a beautiful space in which to taste Langham’s wines – for both organised visits and curious passers- by. Available for private tours, tastings and exclusive hire, eventually Justin and Daniel plan to host ticketed dinners with well-known local chefs.

Justin Langham, owner and founder of Langham Wine Estate, comments on the opening: “Dorset has everything required to produce wines of the highest quality: chalk soils, a warm climate and long growing season. Our tasting room opens up the opportunity for even more people to come and enjoy our wines just a stone’s throw from the vineyard and winery where they are produced.”

Daniel Ham, Langham winemaker continues: “We hope that it will encourage people far and wide to discover what Dorset has to offer, to taste, to visit the estate and get a personal insight into how we go about producing world-class wines.”

The opening comes hot on the heels of Langham’s recent success in two international awards this summer. As well as retaining the Vintners’ Trophy for Most Outstanding Wine in the annual UKVA awards for the Classic Cuvée Reserve 2011, Langham Blanc de Blancs 2011 won Gold in the International Wine Challenge (IWC) and Gold in the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), in the Bottle Fermented Sparkling category.

The tasting room is open 11am-5pm, Thursday to Saturday in July and September, and Tuesday to Saturday in August. Visit for directions and full opening times.

Dorset food and drink photography by (C) 2016

Promotional Photography for Weymouth Drama Club

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It’s always fun working with the young drama club cast, we get up to all sorts of trouble as you can see below. They are now working on their version of Emil and the Detectives.

2016-07-05_0001 2016-07-05_0002 2016-07-05_0003 2016-07-05_0004 2016-07-05_0005 2016-07-05_0006 2016-07-05_0007

For more information about the Drama Club go to

Shooting Hamlet…

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Another amazing night shooting Hamlet for Creation Theatre Company Grab a ticket #Oxford peeps.

2016-07-13_0001 2016-07-13_0002 2016-07-13_0003 2016-07-13_0004 2016-07-13_0005 2016-07-13_0006 2016-07-13_0007


13 July – 13 August 2016

The parapets of Castle Elsinore in the dead of night. The late King’s spirit stirs from the trappings of purgatory and Denmark’s young prince vows to avenge his father’s murder. Follow Hamlet as he agonises over mortality and morality in a world fraught with madness, revenge and corruption.

Set in 74 acres of parkland in the heart of Oxford, Creation Theatre will transform University Parks into Hamlet’s Elsinore Castle, as the young prince battles his family and his demons. Take a stroll in the parks before the show, pack a picnic and spend the perfect summer’s evening with Creation Theatre.

Photography (C) 2016

#theatre #photography Richard Budd

Can you shoot a cocktail sausage from 20 yards?

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What can I say my preconceived ideas of an event catering company have been blown out of the water with dynamite! BOOM! did good!

We organise and cater for a variety of occasions including:

  • Fine dining
  • Dinner parties
  • Wedding celebrations
  • Civil partnerships
  • Birthdays and parties
  • Company events & corporate hospitality
  • Seasonal menus
  • Hen Parties
  • Barbeques
  • ‘Posh’ picnics and vineyard tours
  • Venue solutions

That’s what the blurb says on Andrew’s website and take it from me this guy is a professional. The most amazing food! I can’t recommend Andrew and his team enough – www.

2016-06-26_0001 2016-06-26_0002 2016-06-26_0003

Yes and that crab was 3.7Kg! OMG!

Food Photography by (C) 2016

#foodie #Dorset #food #photography


Promotional Portraits

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Today I had the pleasure of taking some promotional portraits of the wonderful Caroline and Mark at Morrish&Banham. I do love shooting location portraits – it’s a little like cooking pancakes! The first one is always $H!T! 😉 It’s all about forgetting about the camera and being yourself. Mark quickly starts talking about steak and chips to get into the mood – he knows how to work it!

2016-06-21_0001 2016-06-21_0002

Many thanks

Jam-tastic Product Photography Shoot

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More fun with our friends at Bowjars – JAM-TASTIC yummy….. :-)

Product photography by (C) 2016

HAMMERS – personalised – Cove Calligraphy – product photography

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HAMMERS – personalised

Our top seller – our hammers are pyrographed by hand using our own font, each hammer designed especially for you with your own special message on the front and the back – a gift he will treasure forever.

IMG_5245 IMG_5247 IMG_5249 IMG_5256 IMG_5260 IMG_5263 IMG_5266 IMG_5270 IMG_5275

I have just completed a shoot with Cove Calligraphy – product photography. We spend the first part of the shoot getting those amazing hammers shot. The personalised messages and handwritten font works really well in front of the camera.

Every photographer has a love hate relationship with glass and lighting – shooting cut glass is one thing….shooting cut glass with engraving in taking photography lighting to another level. After a bit of a think – lots more coffee and (a mint club biscuit) we got to it. If you’re thinking of a Wedding Gift – look at the Cove Website – WOW!

Many thanks to Cove Calligraphy – the shoot was fun, we even got an old 1980’s album up on iTunes. Oh I do love shooting #product #photography. The only thing is it doesn’t talk back to you like most of my human subjects. :-)

IMG_5337 IMG_5350 IMG_5353 IMG_5366

More about Cove at

Product Photography by (C) 2016

Rent, Richard Tauntons Performing Arts, The Hub, Southampton

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Set in New York, 1989 the Tony award winning Rent tells the tale of a group of friends throughout a year of their lives and addresses themes such as HIV and Aids, drug use and sexuality – easily considered dark and difficult themes for any production yet alone a youth one; but the students of Richard Taunton Sixth Form handled the subject matter with maturity and integrity beyond their years.




Production Photography by Richard Budd (C) 2016

To view the photography gallery click here.

To view and buy prints click here.

Just shot some Food Photography for the New Menu at The Poet Laureate Pub Poundbury, Dorset…

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Just shot the New Menu at The Poet Laureate

Food Photography by (C) 2016

Having established their reputation at the acclaimed Blue Vinny in Puddletown for great food, served in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Alex and Nicky Ford have now taken over the Poet Laureate in Poundbury – creating exciting menus and providing a warm pub welcome.

The food is home-cooked and, where possible, the ingredients are sourced locally from the family farm, friends or trusted specialist suppliers. The wines have been chosen to complement the menu, and there is always a range of excellent guest ales on tap.

Since they returned to their home county of Dorset six years ago, Alex and Nicky have become even more passionate about producing the very best food at accessible prices, as well as extending a friendly welcome in a homely environment to locals and visitors alike.

To visit the Poet Laureate – go to

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A Beautiful Day and a very special Dorset Wedding

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A wonderful day at @moonfleetmanor – once I set my eyes on the “Wellies to Borrow” the game changed – I took the Bride and Groom down onto the beach and carried on shooting in the rain. I love my job – the fun and games we have. I very special day made possible by a truely special couple.

Dorset Wedding Photography at it’s finest. I hope you enjoy the wedding photography below…. Post a comment and let me know.

Richard Budd

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Richard Budd

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We offer a set price all inclusive price – the shoot, editing, printing, albums and a DVD of images.

Give us a call on 07767 895205 or email for more information.

To see samples of our work go to or take a peek at the video below.

Dorset Wedding Photographer Richard Budd (C) 2016 

Gin Karma Tasting Event at Morrish&Banham Wine Merchants

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What a great event Gin Tasting at Morrish&Banham Wines – Dorchester, Dorset.

Event photography by (C) 2016