re-opening following refurbishment – The Poet Laureate

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Interior photography by @RichardBudd




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A Beautiful Day and a very special Dorset Wedding

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A wonderful day at @moonfleetmanor – once I set my eyes on the “Wellies to Borrow” the game changed – I took the Bride and Groom down onto the beach and carried on shooting in the rain. I love my job – the fun and games we have. I very special day made possible by a truely special couple.

Dorset Wedding Photography at it’s finest. I hope you enjoy the wedding photography below…. Post a comment and let me know.

Richard Budd

Richard Budd photo shoot day for Coconut Creatives’ client Mail Boxes Etc.

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Richard Budd photo shoot day for Coconut Creatives’ client Mail Boxes Etc.

Richard Budd works across industry sectors to provide solutions to all photography and video needs. In this project, Richard joined forces with franchise industry leaders Coconut Creatives who specialise in franchise marketing. Their client Mail Boxes Etc. wanted to refresh their imagery for their franchise recruitment marketing collateral so Coconut Creatives brought in Richard for a day’s shoot across 4 MBE stores in Central London.

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RTSFC Presents: GHOST The Musical

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Photography by (C) 2015

Click here to VIEW and BUY PRINTS.

Richard Taunton Sixth Form College Performing Arts Department presents…GHOST The Musical from 30th April to 2nd May 2015 at The Hub Theatre, Chapel Road, Southampton.

Purchase via:
Phone: 02380 711818


In person: Mayflower Theatre Box Office, Commercial Road, Southampton.

The musical focuses on the relationship between Sam and Molly, a young professional couple living in New York who appear to have it all, including each other. Unfortunately, things are not as perfect as they seem and one night Sam is brutally murdered on the streets when walking back to the pair’s apartment, leaving a distraught Molly behind. However although Sam is dead his spirit remains trapped in a twilight realm between the present and the afterlife, wandering the streets of New York and unable to communicate with Molly, who cannot see or hear him. Eventually he runs into a fraudulent psychic called Oda Mae Brown, who is more perturbed than anyone to realise that she can hear the voice of Sam convincing her to help him talk to Molly, whom he has now realised faces terrible danger that only he can save her from…

Sam Wheat – Dom Street
Molly Jensen- Megan Pake
Carl Bruner-Simon Rhodes
Oda Mae Brown – Georgia Quick
Willie Lopez – Spencer May
Subway Ghost – Amy Webb
Hospital Ghost – Tash Lilof
Louise&Clara – Morgan, Keren/Issy
Mrs Santiago -Ash White

Amy Hughes
Amy Brechin
AJ Webb
Alex Taylor
Ashleigh Harnett
Boston Sutton
Beth Washington
Chloe Seaborn
Emily Hindle
Joe Tucker
Laura Melville
Matt Chapell
Melissa Pay
Savannah Jones
Shazza Riley-Cooley

Crumbs Café and Bakery

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What they say on the outside: “CRUMBS is a training and employment project based in Bournemouth – it supports local adults with mental health issues, learning disabilities, stabilised addiction or head injury, helping them to gain confidence, learn new skills, obtain qualifications and access work trails, leading into employment and increased independence.

What they do on the inside: Have great fun, dealing with what life throws at you! I spend a great deal of time on location shooting stills for a large range of clients. I get to see what goes on behind the scenes – an insight into how the business runs and how the staff work.

Crumbs is a slick setup, everyone has a specific role. The timings of any kitchen are paramount and here they deal with the arriving customers as well as deliveries of buffets sent out in the Crumbs delivery van. There are people everywhere, prepping today’s specials, sandwiches, buffet finger foods and dealing with the public. WOW! I was very impressed with the service, smiling faces, helpful staff and a visible level of commitment and responsibility. 

A great service was complimented with a clean and tidy environment and tasty homemade food. What a great place to work! The photography was great fun, capturing the staff and trainees, a great bunch.

Get along CRUMBS 522 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 4BE Tel: 01202 399644

(If Nigel is there ask for one of his special coffees, he’s a whizz behind the machine!)

The thinking behind the shot…

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Working for Weymouth College I had the pleasure to shoot:

Jonathan David Edwards, CBE, (born 10 May 1966 in London) is a former British triple jumper. He is a former Olympic, Commonwealth, European and World champion, and has held the world record in the event since 1995. I do love wiki!

Time was at a premium due to Jonathan’s tight schedule as he was opening a new training centre, I set to work organising and styling the 6 student ambassadors. A chain of union jack bunting I brought along with me worked well as a prop.

I didn’t know what time Jonathan would be available and so with incredibly strong daylight I opted for the Quadra pack strobe lights to help overpower the sun. I set up 2 lights and got my shutter speed up high (something like 125th) then opted to control the shoot with aperture control only shooting at 100iso (to maintain image quality for print). That way I could dictate the lighting and exposures. The man arrived and I positioned him on set. The students sat in place (as rehearsed) and Jonathan walked into his position putting the bunting over his head. CLICK – I got the chance to shoot two shots only, and then he was whisked away. The best part of the shoot was his comment to me as he walked away “that’ll be a great shot!” I looked at him and said thanks.

Here’s the original shot and it printed as a double spread in this year’s Weymouth College prospectus.

Points to remember:

  • Preparation is everything
  • Know your kit inside and out.
  • Nothing can replace the hours of investment behind the viewfinder
  • Keep working
  • Keep shooting
  • Share all you know with like-minded people.


P.S. For more information about volunteering why not have a look at the Volunteering for All (Weymouth and Portland) pages from Weymouth College on Facebook.

Lesson learnt here:

  • Preparation is king
  • Know your kit inside and out.
  • Nothing can replace the hours of investment behind the viewfinder
  • Keep working
  • Keep shooting
  • Share all you know with likeminded people.


Weymouth Beach Volleyball 2010

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Working with British Squad Lizzie and Rachel to shoot some Volleyball profile shots. We setup using the Ranger Quadra with a full CTB gel (Colour Temperature Blue) to get some crazy effects with wireless strobe lights. Shot a few setup images for the girls’ promotional material and then shot the guys playing a real game (due to time) action shots using natural lighting.

Shooting with a low POV (Point of View) and hitting the models with plenty of strobe light means I have the ability to take the background exposure down a couple of stops to ensure a great atmospheric skyline / background. Using Lightroom 3 for the post production added some warmth to the images and a bit of vignette to blow the outer image to white (on some images)

I love the effect this gives, shooting at 250th of a second to freeze the motion still within the sync speed of the canon 50D. Got home and blew all the sand off the kit! I’m sure there’s still a bit of Weymouth beach in my camera bag (Hoover where are you now)

Here’s a short video that explains a little more about the day – and how the images came out.

Just a quick video blog post to explain CTB gel lighting.

This slide shows the before and after effects of using CTB gels.

Shooting a Ranger Quadra with CTB gels – lighting the subject with the strobe. Then modifying the images in post production back to true white values – knocking the backdrop sky into a really funky moody drop.

Shot the girls using CTB gels – many thanks to the Models / Players :
Lizzie Smith and Rachel Turner – Great Britain Junior Ladies Beach Volleyball Team.
(13th in European Under 23s 2009) (17th in World University Games 2010)
Sponsored by Donald Deans.

Then (due to time and access) shot the guys playing the finals – with a 200mm EF lens using ambient light. The good thing about volleyball is when they change ends you don’t have far to walk. Thanks Guys.
Tom Lord and Robin Miedzybrodzki – Great Britain Mens Beach Volleyball Team.
(Senior World Tour Qualifications- Top 24 in the world) (Numerous English Tour wins)

Great Britain Mens Beach Volleyball Team and Great Britain Junior Ladies Beach Volleyball Team.

Promotional images for Violin and Vocals artist Nina Garcia

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Shooting some promotional images for Violin and Vocals artist Nina Garcia today at Kingston Maurward, Dorset. A popular Dorset wedding photographer venue just on our doorstep. I took Nina to the lower gardens down by the lake for the shoot, with some impressive Roman columns as a backdrop, then started getting “arty” with the wireless strobe speedlights. Shooting a variety of portraits in many different locations, with a variety of lighting setups.

The images are for Nina’s new website coming soon.

The rain started so we creped under the Roman temple for shelter, and started using this as studio space. Shooting with a Honl grid spot into the skyscape, hitting Nina with a small ball of light (full power on the Speedlight 1-over-1) got some impressive results. Then whilst we were stuck under this shelter did a few profile shoots using the speedlight snoot to backlight the violin and create a wonderful silhouette image.

Shooting through the undergrowth with a 200mm Canon EF Lens, Elinchrom Skyport triggers and Canon 580EXii speedlights. Shooting 125th of a second at IOS 100 around f5.6 with a silver reflector umbrella on a light stand (mainly)