Versi Crystal

This week I have been working on some attractive product shots for a new company Versi Crystal. The shots are for their advertising and website store.  They have hundreds of beautiful crystal glasses, tumblers, decanters, candle stick holders and box sets.

It was a very technical lighting set up – a white scoop and wireless strobe location lighting. We started with a gridded strobe, backlighting the items with black board panels each side to blinker the pieces, giving an incredible shadow detail.  This gives the objects a real sense of form and shape. 

Fuelled by Kitkats and black coffee we worked from 9am until after 7pm.  Simon set up the items and Veronica worked as stylist and art director.  We set up a few different scenes using flowers and other props to create some “lifestyle” shots to use for PR and marketing.  I’m always keen to understand my clients’ intentions – how they plan to use the photography – because I can share my 15 years experience in graphic design.  This saves them time and money and gives them 100s of options. Working with a photographer who is also a design professional is extremely useful for all my clients.  Shots I will include once the site goes live will include those set up to be ready for use as banners and advertisements.   I enjoyed working with Simon and Veronica and it was a pleasure to photograph such beautifully crafted crystal ware.

Website coming soon.

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