Promotional images for Violin and Vocals artist Nina Garcia

Shooting some promotional images for Violin and Vocals artist Nina Garcia today at Kingston Maurward, Dorset. A popular Dorset wedding photographer venue just on our doorstep. I took Nina to the lower gardens down by the lake for the shoot, with some impressive Roman columns as a backdrop, then started getting “arty” with the wireless strobe speedlights. Shooting a variety of portraits in many different locations, with a variety of lighting setups.

The images are for Nina’s new website coming soon.

The rain started so we creped under the Roman temple for shelter, and started using this as studio space. Shooting with a Honl grid spot into the skyscape, hitting Nina with a small ball of light (full power on the Speedlight 1-over-1) got some impressive results. Then whilst we were stuck under this shelter did a few profile shoots using the speedlight snoot to backlight the violin and create a wonderful silhouette image.

Shooting through the undergrowth with a 200mm Canon EF Lens, Elinchrom Skyport triggers and Canon 580EXii speedlights. Shooting 125th of a second at IOS 100 around f5.6 with a silver reflector umbrella on a light stand (mainly)

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