Promotional images for Liberty Fields – Vodka.

I’m working on some promotional images for Liberty Fields – Vodka.

I wanted to show you the setup – just for fun really.


2 strobes – 1 on the back wall to blow the white sheet to 100% Zero – the other hitting the ceiling (bouncing) soft/large light over the model to create a wide soft quality of light and lovely soft shadow detail.


Just thought I’d post this to keep the Blog followers in the loop to show what we do and how it works in progress.

2016-12-04_0001 2016-12-04_0002 2016-12-04_0003 2016-12-04_0004

I’m thinking the design for the posters / advertising materials could look a little like this?

A couple of logo overlay tints and a bit of copy should do it…. But I’ll need to run this by the design guys.


Photography by (C) 2016
Model – Jessica Megan
Apple – Porters Perfection from Liberty Fields

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