On location photography – shooting Sculpture by the Lakes.

Commissioned to shoot the sculptures by the talented Simon Gudgeon – we set to work shooting the Isis, an amazing abstract bird form at the end of the “Wise Walk” a pathway of words and quotes. 

Working with my good friend Lee, 4 strobe lights and a smoke machine we began backlighting the smoke to gain maximum effect.  We took some daylight shots for the album then waited for sunset. Then, as darkenss fell, things started to get even more interesting.
I’m a big fan of coloured gels and by back-lighting the bird we could get a very effective rim light and a hint of warm orange or CTO Gel as a catchlight in the bird’s eye. This is one of my favourite shots.
We have been shooting on several nights this week – discovering new sculptures and planning lighting diagrams, positions, concepts. Working hard to capture a large range of Simon’s fantastic work. 
One of our tasks was to shoot the Eve and the apples  – situated on an island in the centre of the lake. After setting up some strobes on the land we then rowed to the island to setup some more. The idea was to shoot a portrait of Eve and have the apples in the distance, lit separately – I can tell you we really pushed the pocket wizard capabilities of wireless triggers to the limit. Working by walkie talkie – setting lighting positions, power outputs, modifiers was a tough call. But, I hope you agree, worth every minute. (Please leave a comment or two)
If you live in Dorset, (no sorry, let me change that) if you live ANYWHERE! Get yourself down to Sculpture by the Lakes. It is beautiful, thought provoking and just simply very enjoyable.

I am very excited to be working with Simon, he’s a talented guy who is up for some interesting challenges, bring it on!
Sculpture by the Lakes is open daily between now and the 19th June 2011.  Entry fee will be £5.00, in aid of Help for Heroes. There is no need to make a booking during this time, just turn up.

http://www.sculpturebythelakes.co.uk  You’ll be glad you did.

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