I like to keep things simple

I like to keep things simple – (not all the time as those who really know me already know)

With shooting I often get caught up with the GEAR hang-ups and forget the important part. Capturing emotion, feelings, energy and the REAL person often gets forgotten until towards the end of a shoot because too much time is spent setting up lights, hair and makeup and the faff stuff just gets in the way. By the time the shoot is upon us the sense of energy and connection is far from the front of the models mind or indeed mine.

Every now and again I love to setup an impromptu shoot, using one camera – one lens – no extras – no strobes – lights – props – gimmicks! Yes bare and raw! I setup a brief shoot with Emily and set to it.

The main thing I get from these types of location portrait sessions, similar to shooting street photography is re-learning how to talk to people, interact with people and get the best from people. No spending time looking at screens, ipads, iphones or the back of the camera, just 1-to-1 interaction. Don’t forget this is possible. I hope you like the results and have learned something from this as much as I did.

IMG_0190-2    IMG_0320

Special thanks to Model Emily.

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