HAMMERS – personalised – Cove Calligraphy – product photography

HAMMERS – personalised

Our top seller – our hammers are pyrographed by hand using our own font, each hammer designed especially for you with your own special message on the front and the back – a gift he will treasure forever.

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I have just completed a shoot with Cove Calligraphy – product photography. We spend the first part of the shoot getting those amazing hammers shot. The personalised messages and handwritten font works really well in front of the camera.

Every photographer has a love hate relationship with glass and lighting – shooting cut glass is one thing….shooting cut glass with engraving in taking photography lighting to another level. After a bit of a think – lots more coffee and (a mint club biscuit) we got to it. If you’re thinking of a Wedding Gift – look at the Cove Website – WOW!

Many thanks to Cove Calligraphy – the shoot was fun, we even got an old 1980’s album up on iTunes. Oh I do love shooting #product #photography. The only thing is it doesn’t talk back to you like most of my human subjects. :-)

IMG_5337 IMG_5350 IMG_5353 IMG_5366

More about Cove at http://www.covecalligraphy.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1

Product Photography by www.RichardBudd.co.uk (C) 2016

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