Fake Wedding?

No not a fake wedding – like that dodgy vicar on the news who got in trouble with immigration – just a working title for a shoot we setup in a church with a model in a wedding dress! Wanting to have some fun with firing the wireless strobe lights through a stain glass window and see if the triggers were up to the job of working though a church wall! 

Here’s some of the Wedding Photography shot in Dorset, UK

Yes, I know I make my own life difficult. Got the venue (local church), got the talent (Jen), got the wonderful dress (www.butterfly-brides.co.uk), got the hair and makeup artist (Sian Stone) what else do we need? Honl Grids from www.RobertWhite.co.uk

Shooting a 3 light setup, one Quadra ranger outside the church shooting though the stain glass backlighting the window. One speedlight on the model as the main light – into a Honl grid spot. Then a hair light on camera left into a speedlight snoot. Firing with Elinchrom Skyport triggers from a 50D canon. Check out the shoot via the video link. And, BTW did I mention I am available for wedding photography in Dorset and throughout the UK and Ireland?

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