Promotional images for Liberty Fields – Vodka.

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I’m working on some promotional images for Liberty Fields – Vodka.

I wanted to show you the setup – just for fun really.


2 strobes – 1 on the back wall to blow the white sheet to 100% Zero – the other hitting the ceiling (bouncing) soft/large light over the model to create a wide soft quality of light and lovely soft shadow detail.


Just thought I’d post this to keep the Blog followers in the loop to show what we do and how it works in progress.

2016-12-04_0001 2016-12-04_0002 2016-12-04_0003 2016-12-04_0004

I’m thinking the design for the posters / advertising materials could look a little like this?

A couple of logo overlay tints and a bit of copy should do it…. But I’ll need to run this by the design guys.


Photography by (C) 2016
Model – Jessica Megan
Apple – Porters Perfection from Liberty Fields

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I.O.Shen Knives – Circus photoshoot

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Working with I.O.Shen Knives on some publicity imagery I got to thinking… how professional chef knives get used and abused. Having shot many chefs at work I was struck by the showmanship knife skills and it didn’t take long before I started looking at knife throwing circus performers.

The concept was to keep things simple and stay with strong styling and set design. After building the target we set that in the studio and cut slits in the board to hold those razor sharp blades (safely)

I thought we’d shoot this image as two images – one with the target and knives and one with only the model to keep things safe! Due to the number of camera angles I wanted to shoot I didn’t want to be limited by a fixed position; so I chose to have the knives and model in the same space and the same time. This kept me on my toes and most of the video footage shot shows me asking Lauren not to move her arms around too much. I didn’t want to stop the shoot for a trip to A&E. 😉

To light this project – I started by looking at circus imagery and thought about how the lighting would appear in a circus tent.

The main aim was to get a top lit target, but with limited ceiling space I opted to bounce a small 18cm gridded reflector off the low ceiling. I used a Quadra battery pack and set the second lamp (a slightly lower powered unit) to bounce downwards off the floor and up into the set to balance the shadow details.

Sian was on hand to ensure hair and makeup was always at its best. Lauren took to the set after some time in makeup getting “clowned” and soon got into the role. Her acting skills made direction and interaction with the camera a joy. Shawn’s style of filming was to get in amongst the action with a handheld camera; this captured a gritty feel.

A little touch of post production keeping things raw and unpolished was in-keeping with the old circus stills that helped inspire the shoot.

Let us know what you think of the shoot, the behind the scenes video – share, comment. We’d love your feedback.

Here’s a quick doodle lighting diagram – enjoy.


Photography –
Hair and makeup –
Model – Lauren
Video production –
Music – infin8audio
Knives –

I like to keep things simple

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I like to keep things simple – (not all the time as those who really know me already know)

With shooting I often get caught up with the GEAR hang-ups and forget the important part. Capturing emotion, feelings, energy and the REAL person often gets forgotten until towards the end of a shoot because too much time is spent setting up lights, hair and makeup and the faff stuff just gets in the way. By the time the shoot is upon us the sense of energy and connection is far from the front of the models mind or indeed mine.

Every now and again I love to setup an impromptu shoot, using one camera – one lens – no extras – no strobes – lights – props – gimmicks! Yes bare and raw! I setup a brief shoot with Emily and set to it.

The main thing I get from these types of location portrait sessions, similar to shooting street photography is re-learning how to talk to people, interact with people and get the best from people. No spending time looking at screens, ipads, iphones or the back of the camera, just 1-to-1 interaction. Don’t forget this is possible. I hope you like the results and have learned something from this as much as I did.

IMG_0190-2    IMG_0320

Special thanks to Model Emily.

#location #portraits #photography on the go

(C) 2016

Dorset Portrait Photographer Richard Budd

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Based in Dorset but known to travel 😉

Actors Headshots

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People often ask me what I like to photograph the most. On the whole I say “People” although I enjoy shooting food, products and the occasional landscape*.

By far the best feeling is when I’m working with an actor on their headshots for the portfolio. Rich Hook was a great subject -with a little direction we shot some approachable, professional shots for his portfolio as a model / actor – then he gave me some extra time to shoot some alternative looks.

He has an ability to control his look and expression “to order” – working on the eye contact, mood and expression makes a massive difference with the end result as you’ll see. When you see the complete set of headshots, sometimes it’s hard to imagine this is the same person – the best part for me is directing models to get them to their best in front of the camera. Rich nailed it!
If you’d like Rich Hooks contact details for acting or modelling / catwalk work please DM me and I’d happily pass your details on to him.
*NOTE: Not good at the 4am starts

#headshotphotography by @RichardBudd

I just did a location fashion shoot using nothing but….

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I just did a location fashion shoot using nothing but (and a bit of gaffa tape and CTO gel)

Model: Isabella
Photography: (C) 2014
Location: Dorset, UK

For more on exposure lights go to Facebook –


Promotional Headshot Photography for television presenter and broadcaster Alina Jenkins.

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Just been shooting some promotional headshot photography for television presenter and broadcaster Alina Jenkins.

Alina Jenkins is an award winning presenter & broadcaster who has worked extensively across radio & television for the past 13 years.

For me – headshot photography is all about capturing engagement, posture and connection with the model, these qualities show in the final photograph. When viewing the image, it should make a connection with the reader. With some coaching from me, I worked with Alina to achieve her aims of a professional / yet approachable look. The headshot is a key piece of future promotion and I always feel honoured to be a part of this process.

“Really thrilled with the recent photos Richard took. He made the whole experience fun and relaxing and I am more than delighted with the results. I can’t recommend Richard enough for both photography and website design, he’s a pleasure to work with and has a natural talent for interpreting a client’s vision.”

Alina Jenkins

For more from Alina go to

For more information about our headshot photography please email or call 07767 895205

The Richard Budd Photography – APP – Now available for FREE DOWNLOAD

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Welcome to the Richard Budd Photography iPhone App.

I’ve always loved photography and am seldom without a camera.  Initially I collected photographs of objects, textures, signs and anything that would be useful in my work as a graphic designer.

I had studied typography and graphic design at university and began by working in motion graphic and video direction.

Dorset is my home area but, as you’ll see, I travel around the UK and worldwide as part of my work.

I’ve created numerous websites and enjoy creating animated sequences – making creative images has always been my thing.

Over the last 10 years my attention has turned more and more toward my photography.  I am inspired by action, movement, timing and capturing creative images.

I use lighting techniques to create those images in-camera.

This iPhone app gives you the chance to enjoy some of my portfolio – from travel and portrait work to sports and action images.

There is also a section offering free downloads of images which you can use as screen savers on your mobile devices.

And you can also send me your own photography for some feedback.
I believe we’ve all got it in us to take great pictures so I’ll email you back with tips and advice on how you can take better shots, whatever equipment you are using.

Enjoy having a look round!

THANKS TO OUR FRIENDS AT Drumlin Productions.

Richard developed the App with Hampshire-base Drumlin Productions


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A great summer’s evening with Evie and MUA Sian Stone shooting Urban Street Fashion Photography in Poole, Dorset.

We set off to scout a location – looking for an urban space with texture and emotion. After a drive around, we found just the area (our secret!). While Sian made a start on the make-up, I took a look around for suitable spaces.

This idea sprang from a chat over a cup of coffee with Sian. We both wanted a simple shoot with minimal props and minimal gear – both for the make-up and the photography. Traveling light enables us to move around and explore the environment during the shoot. We were looking for something a little fun and a bit different.

At least that was the plan. In the event, I turned up with two bags of gear and Sian four! Evie did a great job – especially as the brief was slightly bonkers.

After some tests with self-raising flour and talc and a splash of pigment – here are the results. Hair and Makeup Artist MUA

Model: Evie Jayne –  Facebook Page Click here.

Photography (C) 2013


Out and about today running a Photowalk Photographic Workshop.

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Spent the first hour talking aperture / shutter speed and ISO over an espresso con panna with cream – i do love my job. Then into the field with the guys to shoot some location shots. We spend a little time talking about the camera settings, then onto the smoke, lights and coloured gels. Ami and Louise pitch up to help out and we shoot a couple of backlit gelled smoky shots of Louise, then some location portraits under the ivy covered trees.

I had a great time out shooting. Massive thanks to Ami and Louise for modelling and I must not forget to thank Jamie for his smoking skills.

For more information and to book on the next workshop (Sunday 22nd April 2012) go to Or email



Working with the Chickens…

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Working with Dan (Blackacre Farm Eggs) and Russell (Chef Russell Brown) on some promotional stills and a short film – hope you enjoy them.

More at and

Somerset based free-range egg producer, Blackacre Farm, has teamed up with Dorset’s only Michelin Starred Chef, Russell Brown. Based at Sienna in Dorchester, which is the smallest Starred restaurant in the Michelin Guide, Russell has endorsed Blackacre Farm and will be working closely with the team during 2012 to help raise the profile of its award-winning free-range eggs.

“We are absolutely delighted to be working with Russell and are incredibly proud that he has chosen Blackacre,” said Dan Wood from Blackacre Farm. “Over the next 12 months Russell will be spending time with us on the farm and will be creating a range of recipes using our free-range eggs to help show off their incredible versatility. These will be available on our website and will also be demonstrated by Russell at selected food shows and events throughout the year,” continued Dan.

Blackacre Farm has been run by the Wood family for over 30 years and has long been known for its consistently delicious eggs, which were the first to be awarded a Gold One Star in the internationally acclaimed Great Taste Awards.

Chef Russell Brown commented: “In essence my cooking is very straightforward, therefore I rely heavily on my choice of ingredients. Blackacre eggs are high quality, consistent, fresh and 100% free-range with the added bonus of being produced in the South West. This is exactly the type of product that meets all my requirements.”

Russell’s recipes will be found on Blackacre Farm’s newly revamped website, at Dan Wood from Blackacre and Russell Brown will also be producing some filmed recipes and will be working together to promote news of the partnership, shows attended and new recipe launches online through twitter and facebook.

Test your photography skills…

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Chance meeting…

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Back in the summer I was shooting a black tie event in the Royal Bath hotel, Bournemouth when I was just packing away my kit and met Katie. I had the pleasure of hearing Katie Francesca and Kev Stockley playing in the hotel and asked if it was ok to shoot some stills as they performed. I shot a set of images using a blue strobe as a backlight and soft key-light as a fill. Here is the link to those images I blogged about then

 Well we have just shot a set of images for Katie’s new website working in the Bartley Lodge Hotel in the New Forest which has just been refurbished. Many thanks to the staff who kindly looked after us during the shoot and allowed us to use the venue to create these images.

More info:More about Bartley Lodge

Food Photography – Wild Mushroom Pasta with Chef Russell Brown

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It’s always a pleasure shooting food photography for Chef Russell Brown – nothing like a great natter and catch up over a double espresso with my good friend. Today’s project was to shoot a recipe Russell has written for a wine supplement in The Times – the idea is this is a “comfort food special you could cook at home”.

I got to work styling the shot with some wooden boards, brown parcel paper and plastic flowers. Adding to the scene with a nice glass of chilled white, and a bottle.

More about Russell Brown here or to book a table at the restaurant.

The techie bit:

Using a couple of wireless strobes – I opted for a nice large backlight (softbox) then ran a rake of golden light (CTO gelled strobe with grid) across the flowers to give that morning sunshine feel. A great way to warm the image, echoing the wild mushroom colours.

Hope you enjoy the images just as much as I enjoyed eating the pasta once we had finished the shoot.

Special thanks to Chef Russell Brown for a great shoot and wonderful food – once again top of his tree!

It’s all Coffee and Portraits today – lovin life.

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What a day that was! Today’s shoot was on location at Simon’s Delicatessen (Dorchester, Dorset). Shooting stills for nicer designs

Christian Flux the chief designer at nicer designs came up with the idea of collecting people’s thoughts on coffee experiences. What better way to do this than surrounding yourself in coffee (Origin coffee of course).

Coffees were poured and then ideas collected – and photographs taken. Simon’s Deli is a lovely location, shelves of packets and jars and the smell of freshly brewed coffee! Those happy “origin” coffee drinkers posed away for me and what a lovely bunch they were. As a thank you all the models I have made a set of prints for you.

I am using the same rules I use when returning to the Sudan with 6x4inch prints. I normally say to people I’ve photographed “if you are IN the photograph then you can take THAT print – it’s yours.” So people what are you waiting for – if you were fortunate enough to be at Simon’s Deli during the event and modelled your print awaits you!

Go, go, go………….. a little thank you from me. To find out more about how Christian got on visit

For more on Simon’s Deli go to

And for the coffee

The techie bit:
A solid setup using the Elinchrom Quadra ranger, a beauty dish with honeycomb grid for the key light. A touch of side light from camera left from the window natural light. The dish was set to the B socket for minimum power to achieve a wide aperture in order to get that shallow depth of field “showbiz portrait” look. The post production achieved in Lightroom. Happy days.

Arts Week at Sunninghill Prep.

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I was asked to pop along and shoot some of the children during an acting workshop. Lots of motion, noise and hyper kids – just my type of shoot. The funny thing is they are so used to me wandering around with my camera they just get on with things. It makes for a great shoot and some amazing moments behind the scenes.

Here’s a little taste of the images (all bunched up into a slide show video clip)

Enjoy. RB

Techie Bit – Shot with a couple of 580exii’s – one for the hair light, and one for the main light (camera right) the main light was softened for a more flattering light and zoomed to 35mm. Whilst the hair light was set at 105mm and low power 1/128th if I remember correctly. This gives the hair a really “graphic” feel due to the low DOF (Depth of field) shooting the on stage portraits at f.14. All a bit of a challenge given the time but worth every minute.

On location photography – shooting Sculpture by the Lakes.

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Commissioned to shoot the sculptures by the talented Simon Gudgeon – we set to work shooting the Isis, an amazing abstract bird form at the end of the “Wise Walk” a pathway of words and quotes. 

Working with my good friend Lee, 4 strobe lights and a smoke machine we began backlighting the smoke to gain maximum effect.  We took some daylight shots for the album then waited for sunset. Then, as darkenss fell, things started to get even more interesting.
I’m a big fan of coloured gels and by back-lighting the bird we could get a very effective rim light and a hint of warm orange or CTO Gel as a catchlight in the bird’s eye. This is one of my favourite shots.
We have been shooting on several nights this week – discovering new sculptures and planning lighting diagrams, positions, concepts. Working hard to capture a large range of Simon’s fantastic work. 
One of our tasks was to shoot the Eve and the apples  – situated on an island in the centre of the lake. After setting up some strobes on the land we then rowed to the island to setup some more. The idea was to shoot a portrait of Eve and have the apples in the distance, lit separately – I can tell you we really pushed the pocket wizard capabilities of wireless triggers to the limit. Working by walkie talkie – setting lighting positions, power outputs, modifiers was a tough call. But, I hope you agree, worth every minute. (Please leave a comment or two)
If you live in Dorset, (no sorry, let me change that) if you live ANYWHERE! Get yourself down to Sculpture by the Lakes. It is beautiful, thought provoking and just simply very enjoyable.

I am very excited to be working with Simon, he’s a talented guy who is up for some interesting challenges, bring it on!
Sculpture by the Lakes is open daily between now and the 19th June 2011.  Entry fee will be £5.00, in aid of Help for Heroes. There is no need to make a booking during this time, just turn up.  You’ll be glad you did.

Food photography shoot with Chef Russell Brown of Sienna Restaurant Dorchester.

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A few uploaded images from yesterday’s food photography shoot with Chef Russell Brown of Sienna Restaurant Dorchester.

The normal rules of food photography = shoot it, eat it.

I do love working with Chef Russell, as his food takes eating to another level. The downside of yesterdays shoot was I ran out of time and had to make a run for it to the local camera club to give a talk – missing the opportunity to try the Strawberry Soup! Bother!

Will have to book a table at Sienna Restaurant:-) #any excuse

Techie bit:

Shooting 580exii thru an umbrella main light, behind food towards camera, then fill with another 580exii diffused with a scrim sheet and two metal bars to give shadow effect. Screened the fill light to shield lens flair and zoomed the strobe to 105mm for directional lighting effect and some nice highlights.

Creating a lasting memorial for Percy Smith, the founder of Pilsdon Community.

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Creating a lasting memorial for Percy Smith, the founder of Pilsdon Community.

I was asked to document the memorial held this week for Percy, who clearly inspired many people in his lifetime.  The idea was to capture images and thoughts. I set up in the Chapel – using a fabric backdrop, a set of strobes and a beauty dish light modifier with a honeycomb grid. People who had gathered to remember Percy were gradually sent in my direction and I began capturing their faces and voices.  The experience was a very moving one. I soon realized how much this man meant to many people.  As I photographed and recorded their stories I felt sad that I would never meet Percy.

I am extremely proud of the photographs, I can see the emotions they expressed in their faces and I think you will see their beauty. Listen to their stories too – they will lift your heart.

I’d like to thank the contributors and hope they enjoy viewing and listening to the collection. I also hope that they feel it is a fitting tribute to a man they obviously loved very dearly.


The Techie bit.

Shooting with the Quadra ranger at F4.0 as I couldn’t get the light back due to room size. Wishing I had taken some ND sheet to stop the light back to F 2.0. Shooting at 125th of a second to kill the ambient light and direct window light. (100 ISO for nice clean files ) Modifying the light with a 40cm beauty dish and grid spot. Fabric background, then processed in Lightroom from the RAW files. Shooting with the 50D.

The Skate Jam – Dorchester Skate Park

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I woke up today with the hope of shooting some action images at the local skate park in Dorchester. The Skate Jam was unfortunately cancelled due to UK weather! BUT the skaters got out the buckets and mops, squeegees and leaf blowers and got rid of the puddles of water. The sun came out a dried the rest out by mid-day. So I nipped down the road for an ORIGIN coffee at Simon’s Deli with friend and “VAL” David Thomas. (VAL – voice activated light) Dave came along to help with the lighting – a thankless task, but he did good!

We shot a few stills of the skaters and BMX’ers in the park – mostly flying up into the clouds! Whilst watching for flying boards and bikes out of the corner of my eye. It’s been a bit of a week for health and safety – anything from running out of air during the underwater shoot, to being shot at by golfers off the first tee. I thought the skate park would be fine? A big pair of walking boots and eyes in the backs of your head.

I learnt a great lesson whilst shooting stills at the festival of speed for Goodwood – DON’T CROUCH DOWN! EVER. It really works, keeping on your feet.

Anyway enough of the health and safety talk – here’s the images.

Thanks to Michael, Ollie, Tom, Toby, Danni, Tim and Hayden. Guys – please make sure you email me for your images and I’ll happily ping your images to you as a thank you.

More things skate at

the techie bit ; shooting RAW, lighting with pocket wizard TTL mini flex, mainly 250th at f11 100iso. lights set to around the 1/2 power setting on the 580exii’s – thanks to the VAL boom lighting guru Dave. :-)